About Us

The primary purpose of our existence is to ensure that humans safely reach Mars, with a habitat, for exploration, and human settlement, within our lifetime. Our primary approach is to provide an online transparent fundraising venue for the Mars Prize Fund, which can be thought of as a public savings account for the first successful human Mars mission. We envision that the Mars Prize Fund will encourage the fulfillment of our mission statement by incentivizing the first successful human Mars landing. Mars Initiative is a global fundraising organization, dedicated to raising Prize money to award the first mission that lands humans on Mars. Mars Initiative is a non-profit organization, 501(c)3. We are comprised entirely of volunteers from around the world who donate their time and expertise. 100% of the money we receive will be awarded to the first entity that lands humans on Mars. Our goal is for one million people to subscribe at least $2.00 per month - One Million People for a Human Mars Mission.

Mars Initiative was created to provide YOU with the opportunity to participate in one of the most historic events in our history - sending humans to Mars and establishing a human settlement. We hope to leverage the power of people and the power of numbers to organize a movement where everyone is motivated by their very own passion for space and space exploration.  By utilizing the combined strength of the web, social media, and automated software technology, we have developed a unique and revolutionary organization! These technologies have allowed us to organize people across the globe, who are working collaboratively both online, and in their communities, to raise the funding needed to support the first human mission to Mars.  And the most amazing fact about Mars Initiative, that sets us apart, is that everyone is a Volunteer! Our reward is the satisfaction that comes with making our childhood dreams a reality. We invite you to join us, by making a donation, volunteering your talents, and promoting us online.  Welcome to Mars Initiative!

We are: Space Advocates pushing for Space and Space Exploration to happen today.

We are: Moms, dads, spouses, grandparents, aunts, uncles, teachers, firemen, policemen, students, kids, scientists, engineers, and space geeks who have a passion for space!

We are: Among the many around the world who wonder, "Will we ever find answers to questions of the unknown?" Where did we come from? Are we alone?

Together, we ARE: Mars Initiative - a unique organization that finally gives us something we have all been waiting for - a financial vehicle that will revolutionize the way space exploration is funded forever!

Mars Initiative will be providing you with a unique platform that continually aims to empower and motivate volunteers around the world to carry out a Mars expedition of a our lifetime - one that gives everyone the opportunity to participate in one of the most extraordinary events in human history!

Mars Initiative, with your help, will transform our childhood hopes and dreams of space and space exploration into a new reality that will extend our civilization into the final frontier of space, Mars, and beyond!


Our Mission (Why Do We Exist?)

Mars Initiative is a publicly funded international non-profit organization focused on space advocacy, space exploration, and the promotion of a manned mission to Mars, including the exploration of Mars and the colonization of Mars.

We seeks to be a primary source of funding for the first entity responsible for successfully launching the first human mission to Mars to develop the first human settlement on the planet Mars.

We aim to propel private spaceflight into development quickly by incentivizing aerospace companies, spacecraft manufacturers, and other private enterprises to collaborate and focus on the delivery of a comprehensive human mission to Mars for human settlement by offering them a generous subsidy for reaching all stated objectives.

Our Principles (What Is Our Philosophy?)

Empowering Space Advocates around the world, to push their dreams of space and space exploration forward.

If one million people subscribed to $1.34 (our lowest offering), the Mars Initiative public fund would grow by $1 million per month, at minimum).

VISION (How Do We Get There?)

  1. Accumulating donations from people everywhere into one account to help fund the 1st Mars mission
  2. Fully exploiting the rules of finance and the principle of compound interest to increase our funding level
  3. Forging a collective action movement to push our metrics through collaboration and resource sharing
  4. Utilizing the skills and expertise of passionate professionals everywhere to push our metrics forward
  5. Empowering people everywhere to determine “How” and “What” they will do to help forward our metrics
  6. Maintaining a staff of 100% volunteers and specialists, as required
  7. Respectfully addressing organizational problems with unconventional solutions
  8. Utilizing internal resources from within Mars Initiative community to help us all achieve great success for humanity
  9. Keeping focus on building Mars Initiative’s two greatest strengths: Our Volunteers and Our Single Bank Account
  10. Mars Initiative will engage in activities that are separate from the primary fund to support continuing operations


Success Factors (How Do We Measure Our Success?)

By maintaining a public Performance Metric Dashboard that tracks and publishes the following metrics:

  1. $ Donations – Total Account Balance – including # Donations and # of Unique Donors
  2. # Volunteers – Total # of Mars Initiative Volunteers everywhere – including # Applicants & Utilization %
  3. # Financial Supporters – Total # of Financial Supporters (base) – separate from Mars Initiative’s primary fund
  4. # Social Media Supporters – Total # of Social Media Supporters – across all social media platforms
  5. # Programs – Total # of Mars Initiative Programs that aim to push our metrics forward– headed by Mars Initiative Volunteers
  6. # Locations— Total # of geographic regions where Mars Initiative Programs exist


Mission Funding (When Will Funding Be Released And To Whom?)

It is NOT our intent to fund the entire mission alone. We want our accumulated donation pool to:

  1. Incentivize the development of a Human Mars Mission
  2. Be a generous subsidy to whoever launches the first Human Mission to Mars
  3. Encourage individuals, companies, and organizations to collaborate and focus on a Mars Mission

Mars Initiative will reward the first entity that successfully launches the first Human Mission to Mars.

Some of the mission designs currently under consideration include:

  • Mars Direct / Mars Semi Direct
  • Mars For Less
  • Ready For Mars
  • Mars One

Mars Initiative will raise funds toward the most viable and realistic design of our time that is actually “in progress” for a low cost mission. None of these designs have entered a progress stage yet, but as an incentive to these planners, Mars Initiative is here to reward their efforts once their efforts have been successful.

How Is Mars Initiative Unique? ( Our value proposition)

  1. A space advocacy organization where 100% of Donations goes to funding the mission
  2. A 501(C)(3) organization, which allows for donations to qualify for a tax deduction
  3. Do not require NASA funding nor politics for a Mars Mission
  4. Conduct operations with volunteers and pay operational overhead from a separate fund
  5. Have set up a global platform to help volunteers collaborate and mobilize to push for a Mars Mission
  6. A crowdsourcing model that pools resources to accomplish the next great step for humanity
  7. Members all become a part of this great movement and can share the accomplishment together

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