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Now you can be part of the greatest journey in human history, the first crewed expedition to Mars! Through the Mars Initiative you can sponsor a mile of this historic adventure. You can be solely responsible for getting humanity one mile closer to being a multi-planet civilization.

In recognition of your contributions, the Mars Initiative will send you a personalized certificate for every mile that you sponsor.  Each Mars Mile costs $100. This is the estimated cost of the mission divided by the approximate distance the astronauts will travel.

To sponsor a mile you can make a onetime contribution of $100 or set up an automatic monthly donation and every time you reach another $100 you’ll get another personalized certificate!

Proudly display your certificate and let the world know that you are a part of the greatest expedition in human history to date!  The big question is: which will be more impressive, a lower mile number showing that you got in on the action early, or sponsoring a higher number of miles?

What’s that you say? You can’t afford $100? Hold your own fundraiser and donate in the name of your pool!  Take up a collection from work, school, friends or family and Mars Initiative will recognize your group on your certificate!

Mars Initiative appreciates all of its contributors and any amount you provide!


By supporting the Mars Initiative with your generous donation, you play a direct role in helping to guarantee that Humanity will get to Mars because we will NEVER spend a penny of your donation and it will sit in the online public and transparent savings account until the first successful human Mars mission happens! By being a subscriber, you are truly one in a million!

One-Time Donations:

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Subscription Levels:

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Option 1 : $24.00 USD - yearlyOption 2 : $60.00 USD - yearlyOption 3 : $120.00 USD - yearlyOption 4 : $180.00 USD - yearlyOption 5 : $240.00 USD - yearlyOption 6 : $600.00 USD - yearlyOption 7 : $1,200.00 USD - yearlyOption 8 : $2,400.00 USD - yearlyOption 9 : $6,000.00 USD - yearlyOption 10 : $10,000.00 USD - yearly


Option 1 : $2.00 USD - monthlyOption 2 : $5.00 USD - monthlyOption 3 : $10.00 USD - monthlyOption 4 : $15.00 USD - monthlyOption 5 : $20.00 USD - monthlyOption 6 : $50.00 USD - monthlyOption 7 : $100.00 USD - monthlyOption 8 : $200.00 USD - monthlyOption 9 : $500.00 USD - monthlyOption 10 : $1,000.00 USD - monthly

No matter which option above that you select, we sincerely appreciate ANY support you provide and thank you very much for ANY way you choose to provide that support.

Thank you for continuing to support our efforts! On to Mars!


Mars Mile Sponsors:

The following people have sponsored one or more Mars Miles. The record holder for most Mars Miles is currently 22.

Mina Mukhar, Gregory Tucker, MarsDrive, Jennifer Dever, Tom Jolly, Barabanschikov Dmitriy, David Regad, Wallace Group Ltd., Paul Lister, Paul Scott, David Sidewand, Terry Mackintosh, David Geaney, James Holland, Members of the Green Party, Mark Andrews, Chris & Jessica Bellant, Charley Bellant

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