Dr. Susan Jewell

MI Representative
Los Angeles, CA
United States
Susan Jewell MD is the Founder/ President of MarsWithoutBorders MWOB, a non-profit ( pending 501 3c status) and Space Surgery Institute, SSI, both organizations are focused on humans-to-Mars and deep space explorations with mission and vision for building and training analog astronauts crews including development, testing and successful implementation of technologies and capabilities for Humans-to-Mars settlement to enable the development of human colonies on the Martian surface. Additionally, the new knowledge developed and improvement of the current paradigms and state-of-the-art in health, medicine and wellness will have significant positive impact not only for astronauts or future space travellers but also for the millions of Earth’s inhabitants with the potential to develop multiple spin-off benefits and application to improve the quality f life for all Humanity. Dr Jewell is a space physician-scientist and a working professional in the areas of integrative medicine, human-factors, analog astronaut simulation training, R&D, space medicine / physiology, biomedical engineering, tele-health, and digital media and entertainment. She is training as a Commercial and Analogue Astronaut and a member of Astronaut-4-Hire (A4H), a non-profit organization training future commercial payload scientist astronauts.