Mina Mukhar, MBA

Founding President
Dallas, TX
United States
Mina Mukhar was born in Houston, Texas and was raised out in the countryside of Richmond, Texas (outskirts of Houston, Texas) on a 7 acre estate. Growing up as a child, Mina would climb out of his bedroom window to lay out on the roof and stare for hours into the deep dark star-filled sky and wonder if we [humanity] would ever find answers to questions of the unknown. Where did we come from? Are we alone? Mina always dreamed about the future and always wondered how the cities of tomorrow would look. He is a very forward thinking person and is obviously is not afraid of challenges that are literally out of this world. Today, rather than wait for the future to arrive, Mina, together with the Mars Initiative, hopes to accelerate the opportunity to see the day when humans can venture out into space and beyond and back again as casually as we get on airplanes today.
Native or Bilingual
DatesCompany or OrganizationFunction
2010 to Present
Sr. Associate, Cyber Security Consultant
Unilock, LTD.
Managerial Accounting Intern
2007 to 2008
Weaver & Tidwell, LLP.
Forensic Accounting Intern
2003 to 2007
Dakota Risk Group, LLC.
Private Investigator
City of Plano
Planning & Development Intern
2002 to 2003
Rodney R. Elkins & Company
Law Clerk Intern
DatesUniversity or SchoolDegree
2006 to 2009
University of Texas-Dallas
M.S. in Accounting & Information Systems
2006 to 2009
University of Texas-Dallas
M.S. in Business Administration (MBA)
2002 to 2006
Southern Methodist University
B.A. Political Science
2002 to 2006
Southern Methodist University
B.A. Public Policy
Licences & Certifications: 
Texas Real Estate Commission
Real Estate Agent
Texas Department of Public Safety
Private Investigator
Federal Aviation Administration
Private Pilot (200+ hours logged to date)
Tinkering & Inventing, Learning New Things, Exploring & Discovering, Flying/Traveling/Camping.