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Our 30 Day Thanksgiving Fundraising Drive raised $2,790 for outer space education, far surpassing our $700 goal. I would like to thank everyone who donated and made this a success!

If you are just hearing about this or couldn't find the time to donate during our fundraiser we are still accepting donations to continue to grow the program.

By donating to the Micro-G program you're becoming part of a network of people that value science, education, and inspiration. Your gift could provide the spark that sets a student on a journey of discovery! These Micro Grants will provide teachers with materials such as Books, Robotics, & Ardusat Space Kits to help inspire the next generation of explorers!. For more information on the Micro-G program click - HERE

To make a donation please follow the PayPal link below

Thank you for your generous donation. Please specify in the PayPal note section what information you would like listed in our supporter database below, or what you would like left blank. By default we list Name and Donation Amount unless instructed not to. We will also sign you up for our Newsletter so that we can keep you informed of the Micro-G Program's progress. For comments or questions please email us at: Grants@MarsInitiative.Org

Grant Program Supporters

Name Location Amount
Anonymous Earth   $   10
Devin Good Seattle, WA   $   50
Chris Miller Orlando, FL   $   45
Shelby Tidwell Houston, TX   $   10
Alexandr Vislobokov Miami, FL   $   25
Rachel McCarty Chicago, IL   $   30
Adam Meinhardt Salt Lake City, UT   $ 800
MarsDrive East Hartford, CT   $   20
Eric Jacuzzi Charlotte, NC   $   50
Molly Jones East Hartford, CT   $   20
Anonymous Earth   $   50
Dwayne Lawrence Canada   $   40
David Regad Brussels, Belgium   $   20
Gary Stephenson Houston, TX   $ 200
Mars Without Borders Los Angeles, CA   $   25
James Holland San Antonio, TX   $   50
Christy Noble United States   $   25
Andrew Mattingly Seattle, WA   $   20
Kirstan Mohan Grand Rapids, MI   $   35
Erik Birchman Ann Arbor, MI   $   50
Aaron Skiba Ann Arbor, MI   $   10
Jacob Graham Detroit, MI   $     5
Daniel Becker Los Angeles, CA   $   80
Gregory Tucker Tokyo, Japan   $ 100
Mark Andrews McHenry, IL   $   30
Griffin Miller Dearborn, MI   $   20
Duncan Miller Los Angeles, CA   $   30
Chris Bellant Houston, TX   $   70
Mina Mukhar Dallas, TX   $   50



















Frequently Asked Questions


Q) What are the Fees with PayPal?

PayPal is the lowest fee, and highest security, financial processing method we could find. On top of that we got a discount for being a non-profit! PayPal charges us a transaction fee of $0.30 + 2.2%. This comes out to only $0.74 on a $20 donation and $1.40 on a $50 donation.


Q) Why are we not doing this on a site like Kickstarter?

We decided to keep this fundraiser on the Mars Initiative website instead of utilizing sites such as Kickstarter,  Indiegogo, and GoFundMe to make sure as much of your donation as possible will go to its intended cause. These other crowdfunding sites charge up to 10% of your donation as a fee, and in certain situations they charge even more than that! By running this fundraiser on our site we can keep fees down close to 3% to maximize the impact of your donation!