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Calling all space enthusiasts! Now is your chance to help humanity put the first footprint on Mars. The Mars Prize Fund is helping incentivize the race to Mars.

Even if you’re not a rocket scientist, you can contribute in multiple ways and help make an amazing interplanetary future!

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STEM Student MicroGrants

The Mars Initiative is on a mission to give students all over the world easier access to learning about space. Learn more about how you can help students attain space knowledge.


The Mars Prize Fund

Explore the Mars Prize Fund and drive the future now! Crowdsource funding incentivizes a human Mars mission. Earn a Mars Mile certificate with just a $100 USD donation. Transparent operations and regular updates guarantee your impact in making history as part of humanity’s journey to Mars.


Volunteering & Internships

The Mars Initiative strongly believes in giving everyone the opportunity to be involved with space exploration. We offer students and young professionals the opportunity to intern or volunteer.

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I have always dreamed of exploring space, and I will do everything in my power to make that dream a reality. This is the first step.

Kali Green


I am eagerly waiting for the day mankind will take Another Giant Leap, thus paving the way for the future colonization of the Red Planet.

Santhana Krishnan


Exploration, research, Discovery

Welcome to the future!

The Mars Initiative is a 501(c)(3) space non-profit raising money to fund the habitation of Mars, the innovators of today, and the future generation of space travelers.