Take your place in history by supporting the most important step humanity will take in our lifetime.

100% of your donation will go to the cause you select:

Distribute across all programs: your donation is split between the three funds listed below in the ratio of 50% MPF, 40% Grant Program, 10% Operations Fund. 

Mars Prize Fund (MPF): It will be awarded to the first team to send a human to the surface of Mars. The MPF is crowdfunded and designed to accelerate the first mission by offsetting some of the cost. Donations of $100 or more to the Mars Prize fund will pay for an entire mile of the first crewed trip to Mars! 

Micro Grant Program: Provides small grants of about $200 to K-12 educators around the world. Teachers can buy supplies to help teach anything related to outer space. 

Operations Fund: We are 100% run by volunteer power, but we do have some small expenses that need to be covered. 

Additional Ways to Contribute:

Ebay for Charity

Just like on Amazon, a portion of your purchase can be automatically donated to the Mars Initiative.

Amazon Smile

If you already use Amazon, why not use Amazon Smile? Amazon Smile donates 0.5% of your total purchase to the charity of your choice! Sign up today and choose Mars Initiative!


To pay without payment processing fees, you can make a donation through PayPal. This only works for one time donations directly from a PayPal Account.

Crypto Donations:

Bitcoin BTC:


Ethereum ETH:


Bitcoin Cash BCH: qr73uzkhtqgaehy0hmvuhkthnqazewmm7qhedmldua

Dogecoin (DOGE): DStGnCZaf1dLicRtf3i117QHgY6ZYrsnYp

Marscoin (MARS):


100% of your cryptocurrency donations will go to the Mars Prize Fund: The Mars Prize Fund will be awarded to the first team to send a human to the surface of Mars. 

The Mars Initiative is committed to a “HODL” principle with cryptocurrency donations. This means The Mars Initiative will honor all donor intentions until the reward winner is determined and the funds are approved to be disbursed. At this point the recipient may choose how it wishes to dispense with the reward. All cryptocurrency assets are held in secure wallets using industry best practices for key management and security. 

The Mars Initiative is also committed to supporting the latest developments in the cryptocurrency and Fintech space to support our mission. Please contact us if you wish to donate using a different cryptocurrency or if you would like to receive recognition for your donation. Donors may also use the following addresses with supporting wallets: 

ENS: marsinitiative.eth 

FIO: [email protected] 

Unstoppable Domains: marsinitiative.crypto