Micro Grant Program

Students at Hayesville High School use the SUNSPOTTER, acquired with the help of a Mars Initiative Micro Grant, to observe sunspots moving across the surface of the Sun in real time! 

Help bring outer space into the classroom and inspire the next generation of explorers!

The Mars Initiative is committed to every aspect of sending humans to Mars, including educating and inspiring the generation that will first explore the red planet. The Mars Initiative is establishing a grant program to foster interest in space science. We are providing teachers with micro-grants to purchase the materials needed for an effective and exciting classroom experience centered on outer space exploration.

Small Donations make a big impact!

This program is your way to make an impact over and over again. The Mars Initiative is using its network of space advocates to crowdfund an endowment style grant program. What does that mean? It means we are going to collect lots of small donations and pool them together into a low risk investment. We will then use the interest to fund grants – lots and lots of grants. Because we are only utilizing the interest, these grants will continue to be awarded year after year. This way your donation will impact children for generations to come.

For Educators

If you have an idea for a outer space based clasroom progrect and need up to $200 for materieals send a short proposal to [email protected].

Projects that we are working on funding right now:


1. Space Kits [currently funding]

Teachers in Space conducts workshops to instruct teachers how to use Ardusat Space Kits. The Mars Initiative is already funding some of those kits! Each teacher will then have the opportunity to take the kit back to the classroom to teach micro-computing and circuit design to their entire class! See the Teachers in Space section below for more information about this project.

2. Mars Rovers [needs funding]

A high school teacher in southern Michigan is putting together a robotics class and wants to do a Mars Rover module, but rovers need a lot of sensors! Believe it or not $200 from the Mars Initiative could buy enough sensors to make these rovers come to life!

3. Books Books Books [needs funding]

An English teacher is creating a library of books for her 5 middle school classes to pick from for book reports. She would like our help stocking it with some exciting outer space books!

Mars Initiative is a non-profit organization, 501(c)3. We are comprised entirely of volunteers from around the world who donate their time and expertise. 100% of the money we receive will be awarded to the first entity that lands humans on Mars.

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