MicroGrant Program

We want to help you bring outer space into the classroom and inspire the next generation of explorers!

Need Help Bringing Outer Space Into Your Classroom? Look no Further…

Do you want to teach your students about a space related topic through a projects and need financial support to make it happen? All you need is to have an idea for a space-based classroom project to apply for up to $200!

The application window is coming up! When it opens, all you have to do is fill out the short application below. We review applications four times a year: deadlines are Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer. Grant recipients will be notified two weeks after the close of the application cycle. Priority will be given to project requests for re-usable materials.

Have a specific question? Email us at [email protected]

Students That We Have Helped Shoot for the Stars… One Space Project at a Time

Space Kits

Teachers in Space conducts workshops to instruct teachers how to use Ardusat Space Kits. A Mars Initiative MicroGrant is already funding some of those kits! Each teacher will then have the opportunity to take the kit back to the classroom to teach micro-computing and circuit design to their entire class!

SunSpotter Telescope

Hayesville High School procured a SunSpotter telescope with the help of a MicroGrant from Mars Initiative. This tool should bring observing fun to the students of Hayesville for years to come!

ANGLeS Challenge

With a Mars Initiative MicroGrant, Neighborhood House at Firwood Circle in Washington State procured materials to participate in the NASA ANGLeS competition. This celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission by giving students the chance to recreate the landing using drones and robots.

Want to Help Fund Future MicroGrants?