Munchies for Mars

Restaurants and eateries partner with The Mars Initiative to help send humans to Mars faster! Restaurants donate a portion of the profit of a select item. Proceeds go to support sending humans to Mars and Space Education.

The Munchies for Mars Program Raises Capital to…

Help send humans to another planet for the first time.

Help educate and inspire children around the world.

Help improve Earth’s environment through new space spinoff technologies.

Help jump start innovative start-up businesses in the space sector.

To support the program, our partners can…


Donate a portion of the profit of a popular menu item. Every little bit helps us to fund the goal of safely landing a human on Mars, improving Earth’s environment through new innovations, and making humans an interplanetary species.


Assist in promoting the Munchies for Mars Program partnership by posting your special Munchies for Mars menu item on your business and personal social media accounts and websites. You’ll gain awareness for your product and for Mars exploration!

Our Munchies for Mars partners will receive…

  • Increased profits as 86% of customers are more likely to support purpose-driven programs
  • Free advertising on social media accounts and websites operated by The Mars Initiative
  • Tax breaks through non-profit charitable giving
  • Monthly newsletters and updates

Our Partners

The Comet Classic Diner & Creamery

11740 Gera Rd, Birch Run, MI 48415
[email protected]

The Meating Place BBQ and Bar Food Truck

Coming Soon!

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