Our Sponsors

Our sponsors are a critical part of our Mission to Mars, providing the fuel behind our grant programs and steady growth in the Mars Prize Fund. They are committed to engaging the public in Red Planet exploration and we hope you enjoy learning about their stories!

HFB Technologies

A premier business enhancement firm that’s specifically geared toward making businesses succeed.


Learn how to use AR/VR/Blockchain to communicate ideas and resources globally.

Reach Mail

Create, deliver and track FREE email campaigns and newsletters with ReachMail’s simple web-based tool.

The Spaceflight Group

The Spaceflight Group was formed in 2013 in an effort to ignite and maintain public awareness in space matters. We aim to bring the thrill of space exploration into your home.

Big Frog

Big Frog specializes in full color, printed custom apparel, using high resolution garment printers. Currently have over 100 retail franchise locations throughout the USA


LimeLeap is a software development and IT services firm founded in 1994.

MG Technology Group

MG Technology Group provides us with a SharePoint 2010 Enterprise environment.

Tacton Systems

Tacton Systems is a world leader in advanced sales and product configuration.


Create delightful SharePoint dashboards and charts without a line of code

Black Studio LLC

Black Studio LLC is a multidisciplinary design studio that works with large agencies and small start-ups. It’s mission is to provide clients with a long-lasting brand, message, and visual foundation.

Clovo Brand

CLOVO is a sustainable fashion company that produces comfortable and natural hoisery.

Mars Girl and Mars Tourism Board

“Mars Girl” & “Mars Tourism Board Apparel & Sporting Good Lines” has agreed to donate 15% of all profits to the Mars Initiative.