Space Innovation Grant Competition

Competition is Live!

About the Competition

When it comes to space, there are endless possibilities. However, when it comes to space start-ups, there isn’t always a bounty of money waiting to help them take their first step towards prototyping and beyond. 

You can help a start-up have their first footprint on the moon moment today! In this crowdfunding competition, each start-up will walk away with money, but it is up to you how much. 

By making a donation of $10 or more, you are automatically entered into a raffle to have a meeting with one of the start-up founders!

Donate today to vote for your favorite start-up today to help accelerate their growth! 

Meet the Start-ups

Each start-up will walk away with money, but which start-up will walk away with 60% of the pot?

Your donation towards Helios will help them develop technology that will give future space settlers a boost by creating a reactor that will be able to process metals and oxygen from the soil on Mars.

Your donation towards Stellar Amenities will help them keep space travelers comfortable in all aspects through their space habitats, allowing astronauts to thrive anywhere, even in deep space.

Your donation towards Neutron Star Systems will help them create unique technologies that push the boundaries of space travel. Currently, they are working on a first of its kind electric propulsion system that will boost satellites and rockets beyond current tech.

Based on your donation amount, you will receive a number of votes. While filling out the donation form you can choose which company you would like your votes to go towards. You can also choose to donate your votes across all three start-ups! The first place team will will 60% of the pot and the second and third place team will win 20% of the pot each.